Do You Need A Restraining Order In Oklahoma?

Having worked domestic violence cases for over a decade, Gower Law Offices in Oklahoma City is prepared to aggressively protect you and your loved ones. We are ready to work on cases involving:

  • Threatening personal interaction
  • Written or electronic communication that causes fear or intimidation
  • Stalking or harassment
  • Rape or sexual abuse
  • Child abuse

Representing Victims Of Violence As Well As Those Falsely Accused

If you or your loved ones are the victims of violence, stalking or harassment, your safety is obviously of utmost seriousness. It is crucial to take immediate action to protect your interests and well-being. It is possible to set up a restraining order to prevent the abusive party from coming within a specific distance of you or your children under penalty of law.

Likewise, if someone is frivolously accusing you of violence or domestic abuse and seeks to set up an order — one that can bar you from your home or prevent you from owning a firearm — it is important to retain experienced counsel to aggressively defend your rights.

These Matters Are Too Serious To Wait, So Reach Out Today

Because of the serious impact that abuse or a restraining order has, taking decisive action is crucial. Our Oklahoma City team is here for you.

At Gower Law Offices, we fuse our decade of experience with an aggressive approach to advocacy and a sensitivity to the issues our clients are facing in these matters. Our lawyer and team will do whatever we can to help you resolve them in the most efficient way. We encourage you to get in touch to protect your rights and health as soon as possible.

To reach out and schedule a free initial consultation with restraining orders attorney Dustin Gower, call 405-562-5652.