Have Your Children Been Removed By The DHS?

If you are working through any Department of Human Services (DHS) issue, the situation can be immensely stressful. In fact, the prospect of losing your children and complying with DHS rules and regulations can be outright terrifying.

To make matters worse, DHS issues can be hard to understand, even for those who have worked within the organization. As such, knowing the process is critical whether you are trying to protect your custody rights or protect yourself from Oklahoma Child Support Enforcement.

With more than 10 years of experience in these matters, our law firm has cultivated a comprehensive knowledge of these and similar issues. Additionally, lawyer Dustin Gower worked for years within DHS giving him an extensive knowledge of the way the organization works, its policies, processes and procedures.

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Addressing Issues Related To Support Payments, Day Care And More

In addition to issues regarding the DHS taking a child into custody, the firm is able to work on issues related to child support payments, welfare, medical services and day care. The firm can help open a case and address all process issues in the most efficient way. Regardless of your issues, we will keep you abreast of all developments and help guide you in the clearest ways.

Don't Wait To Get A Lawyer On Your Side

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