Is Alimony A Factor In Your Divorce?

Like child support, alimony is set up to ensure the financial well-being of family members following a divorce — in this case, a spouse.

Alimony has a considerable degree of nuance, and the Oklahoma courts have a significant amount of discretion in how they award payments. The court will seek to provide for the members of a divorce to ease the burden on divorcing parents.

Generally, courts will look at a spouse's ability to pay alimony and the other spouse's need for financial support. The court will apply factors on a case-by-case basis, considering factors such as the length of the marriage, incomes of spouses, ages, vocational skills and more.

Additionally, depending on the assets involved in distribution, it may be possible to negotiate alimony in lieu of certain property. A spouse may be able to make a certain number of payments instead of a valued piece of property. Additionally, the award is affected by other potential support payments. None of this takes into account the potential effects of a prenuptial agreement.

The Bottom Line Is That An Attorney Is Key

Because of the complex layers that this area of family law presents, it is of utmost importance to partner with an experienced Oklahoma City alimony attorney.

Our team at Gower Law Offices is prepared to put the experience of hundreds of cases in more than a decade of work to help you resolve all alimony issues in the best possible way. After meeting with you to fully understand your situation and goals, we will take action aimed at fostering your and your loved ones' well-being in the immediate and long-term.

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